Sheetal Shaw’s mixed media artwork is a reflection of her belief that art is a powerful force to individuals and to the culture. Art has the power to give confidence, renew emotional strength, evoke joy, and serve as a response to life. In her art, she interweaves a personal narrative with cultural memories of her prior life in India to convey positive affirmation, hope, love, survival, and the connection between opposites. 
Featuring a stylized Indo-Persian design motif called “Boteh” meaning flower, pine cone, seed or droplet, Sheetal works with a diverse range of materials–paper, wood, fiber, metal, canvas, as well as digitally to fill the bright, bold colors with joyfulness and celebration, always inspiring a sense of fun and delight.
Finding art as a vehicle for personal renewal, she explains her vision, "As a unifying element of cultures, my hope is that my art is a never-ending inspiration and positive affirmation of hope, love, survival, and the connection between opposites. I am honored to offer my art as an inspiration to others.